Our products bring security, efficiency, reliability, and auditability into complex IT environments. We bridge legacy environments, cloud, and mainframes. We secure trusted access to the most critical servers and data in the enterprise.

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Secure data-in-transit, Boundary protection
Manage & Automate
Monitor & Control
Transformation & Cloud

PrivX™ On-Demand Access Manager
Next Generation Privileged Access for Cloud

SSH Risk Assessment™
Know your SSH key exposure

360° visibility and control

Universal SSH Key Manager®
Process-driven management

Tectia® SSH
Premium server, client
for Windows, Unix,
z/OS mainframes

Services & Consulting
World-class subject matter expertise at your disposal

Next generation privileged access management for the cloud & DevOps. Eliminate passwords & keys.

Transparently monitor encrypted remote access. Control tunneling & file transfers.

Full life cycle management for SSH key based access.

Secure file transfers, remote administration, application tunneling, automation.

Product Benefits

In large enterprises, the our products save millions of dollars annually by automation, in addition to reduced reputation risk, better business continuity, and compliance with customer or government requirements.

Our products are built to transparently support customers' application-oriented distributed workflows and support and secure their transformation into cloud. They scale to microservices and serverless computing. They brings audit and control into DevOps and production deployments while enabling developer access with full audit and analytics.

The products secure data transfers in distributed environments, control access between computating instances, and automate credential and secrets management.

The products are designed to integrate into other security applications through open APIs.

If you are looking for unsupported Open Source downloads instead, go to the Secure Shell home page.

Who Has Access to What Systems and Data?

SSH keys grant access, and SSH access management is a top-5 critical security issue in enterprises right now. It is the top topic in identity and access management. It has turned out many organizations have way more SSH keys granting access to their systems than they have user names and passwords. The keys often bypass traditional privileged access management systems.

Our solutions solve SSH key management on-premise and in the cloud. They automates the full life cycle of keys. They make it easy to mitigate risks in legacy environments. They handle credentials for both automated and interactive access. Our solutions scale to over 100,000 servers and millions of SSH keys. Several customers run it at that scale already.

APIs for Integration, No Vendor Lock

Our products provide secure REST APIs. The APIs can be used for operating the platform, including provisioning or deprovisioning of SSH keys, for exporting or importing data, for implementing plugins and extensions, and for integrating the platform to other products. This ensures there is no vendor lock and components of the platform can be mixed with existing and future infrastructure in the enterprise.

Services to Ensure Customer Success

We further provide services to ensure success in customer's deployment of SSH key management projects. From the SSH Risk Assessment service to subject matter expertise in SSH key management to full managed services, we focus on making the customer's project fast, minimally disruptive, and cost-effective. A success.

We also provide 24x7 support for all our products.