For governmental organizations and enterprises

NQX provides QuantumReady encryption certified to ST III level

NQX Firewall & VPN in use

Encrypt WAN (Wide Area Network) transport against data breaches

By default, WAN connections that run on xWDM (wavelength-division multiplexing), MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) or IP are not encrypted. WAN sessions that transport classified need to be secure and the traditional solutions are costly and require specialized hardware. NQX solves this problem for governments and businesses with a cost-effective software-based solution and a scalable range of certified hardware.


Why do demanding organizations choose NQX?

Centralized control and high availability

Manage, create and adjust security policies and firewall rules with a centrally managed and browser-based UI. For demanding environments, build clusters of NQX nodes to gain high-availability and carrier-class redundancy.

Full speed ahead

NQX supports the latest and fastest technology on the market to ensure that your data centers, WANs (Wide Area Networks) or Internet access is secure and policy compliant at high speed – and with low cost.

Connectivity off-the-shelf

NQX’s flexible connectivity ensures that you get access to all Ethernet networks up to 10 Gbps with IPv4 and IPv6 without any additional equipment, like switches or media converters.

No custom hardware

For environments that require fully certified solutions, a wide range of appliances are available, from small-office fanless barebones boxes to expandable 2U rack mountable servers. For business use, NQX is high-performing on standard x86 equipment. Get rid of custom hardware, related maintenance costs and expensive replacement parts. For basic requirements for self sourced hardware, please contact us.

Invisible to the end-user

Government officials do not need advanced training, special equipment or complicated procedures when transmitting confidential data with NQX.

In critical business and state communications, high value personnel can simply continue to follow their existing security protocols while the organization gains robust security for classified data-in-transit.

When national security matters

With state secrets and national security, policy and regulatory compliance is mandatory – and classified data-in-transit must be protected against advanced threats.

NQX quantum-resilient algorithms ensure that secrets stay confidential even as the most well-resourced threat actors employ quantum computing technology.

The National Cyber Security Authority (NCSA) at the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency has certified the SSH NQX firewall and VPN (virtual private network) appliance as a cryptographic product for protecting classified information according to Finnish national (FI) ST III (Confidential) security requirements.

"We are extremely pleased that Finnish solutions are granted the certification to secure highly-classified information on a national level and that these solutions are further developed into exportable innovations."

Kirsi Karlamaa, director general, Finnish Transport and Communications Agency

"The collaboration between SSH.COM and the State Security Networks Group (on NQX) ensures that the ownership of a strategically vital piece of cybersecurity is developed in Finland and that we at SSH.COM can grow our business with the solution."

- Kaisa Olkkonen, CEO, SSH.COM

*Available in NQX software versions 2.0 or later