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SSH Communications Security Corp Adopts Tectia Brand


The business of SSH Communications Security Corp. will be unified under one brand, Tectia. The objective is to develop a global sales and marketing-oriented security software company that has a strong brand with satisfied customers and innovative offering.

Tectia unifies all business operations under one name. Furthermore, the change strengthens the company's strategic objective to be the market maker in real-time security software for networked organizations.

“The company name is the most strategic branding element that affects the customers, partners and employees alike. The Tectia brand as a product name has a very strong foothold in the U.S. among the world's most demanding customers. Traditionally, the SSH customer base includes the world's largest banks, retailers and governmental agencies in the Americas, Europe and APAC. We have expanded the market potential to the governance and management of security for listed companies and international enterprises with the launch of new Tectia offerings last fall, like Tectia Guardian and Tectia MFT Portal that are integrated to the existing Tectia product family. Tectia is also our registered trademark, so it is a natural step to start using it also as the company brand”, said Jari Mielonen, CEO of SSH Communications Security Corp.

The name of the Group company, SSH Communications Security Corp., will be changed to Tectia Corporation. Accordingly, all Group companies will be named in a uniform manner and Tectia will be the common brand in all markets for the entire offering. The business name SSH Communications Security shall be retained as auxiliary business name and the rights for the brand SSH shall be preserved.

The change of the name will be proposed to the Annual General Meeting on 3 March 2010, based on the decision proposal by the Board of Directors of SSH. With the introduction of Tectia, the business logo, visual identity and marketing materials will also be renewed during 2010.

SSH Communications Security Corp. is a forerunning software company in open-standards-based business security solutions for private and public organizations. We have operations in the Americas, Europe and APAC, and our shares are quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd., under the trading code of SSH1V.




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