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Tectia Selected by Singaporean Government Agency for Secure Two-Factor Authentication


HELSINKI, Finland and REDWOOD, CA, November 28, 2011 - Tectia Corporation (HEL: TEC1V), the market maker in real-time information security solutions, announced the successful deployment of its next-generation two-factor tokenless authentication solution Tectia MobileID, to provide a flexible and easily-deployed secure authentication solution for system administrators of a government agency in Singapore.

As a state-owned organization managing confidential stakeholder information, the customer wanted to boost the level of security required for its administrators to access the company infrastructure. Administrators were already using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) setup, but the state body wanted to enforce an additional layer of security.

After reviewing the alternatives, officials at the agency decided to evaluate SMS- and email-based authentication solutions. Tectia MobileID emerged as a clear frontrunner in the appraisals based on its cost-effectiveness, ease of deployment and use, and scalability. Tectia Mobile ID provides customers with significant cost savings in the form of virtually no administrative expenses and not having to provision physical tokens. Moreover, this creative solution can provide organizations with licensing options that allow them to activate user accounts on an ad-hoc basis or even pay-per-use, ensuring that they don’t have to pay license and maintenance fees for inactive users. “Tectia MobileID also proved to be the optimal choice from the end-user perspective. The fact that system administrators did not need hardware tokens but could use their existing mobile devices ensured a high user acceptance level when the solution was rolled out,” pointed out Mr. Samuli Siltanen, Director Mobile Authentication for Tectia.

“Tectia MobileID was by far a more cost-effective alternative than traditional hardware-based solutions, with no tokens to provision, manage or replace,” he added.

Mr. Siltanen will deliver a presentation entitled “Enhanced Security with Mobile Phone-based Two-factor Authentication” on September 28, 2011 at GovernmentWare 2011 in Singapore.

Tectia Corporation (formerly SSH Communications Security Corp.) is the market maker in real-time information security solutions for modern, networked organizations. We create an invaluable Circle of Trust for our customers and their stakeholders by securing, automating, managing and sharing confidential information with Tectia solutions in fixed, mobile, and cloud environments.

We enable and enhance business for thousands of customers in multiple industries in the private and public sectors around the world. We operate in the Americas, Europe, and APAC regions, with headquarters located in Helsinki, Finland. The company was established in 1995, and holds 15 patents. Its shares are quoted on the NASDAQ OMX

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