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Tectia Corporation to Operate as SSH Communications Security


HELSINKI, Finland and WALTHAM, Mass., November 28, 2011 – Tectia Corporation: (NASDAQ OMX: TEC1V) Tectia Corporation, known the world over as the inventors of the SSH protocol, announced today it will begin commercial operations under the name SSH Communications Security as of November 28, 2011. As part of the company’s strategic vision, Tatu Ylönen, the company’s founder and inventor of the SSH protocol, was recently appointed CEO and will focus the company’s efforts on developing enterprise grade solutions that help organizations protect data-in-transit, and better manage internal security controls in their SSH and OpenSSH environments.

“As a company we are focusing our efforts on those things that our customers and the marketplace recognize us as leaders in,” said Tatu Ylönen. “With more than 3,000 customers across the globe, including half of the Fortune 10, we are uniquely positioned to solve the business challenges enterprises face today in their secure file transfer and remote administration infrastructures.”

“Our strategic focus is to increase our visibility in the marketplace as the thought leader in the SSH space, a space we defined and have continued to enhance over the past 16 years. From a product development standpoint, we will leverage our relationships with our core customers to develop solutions that solve their industry specific compliance, security and risk management challenges,” said Matthew McKenna, Head of Sales and Marketing. “The SSH name carries credibility in the security space and as we go forward we will embrace and leverage our heritage through our SSH Communications Security brand.”

As part of the change, the domain and a new website have been launched to support the company’s ramp up in commercialization effort. The familiar SSH logo will come to the forefront of the imagery around SSH Communications Security.

Tectia Corporation will function as a listed company for financial reporting and legal purposes and all commercial activities related to IT security will operate under the SSH Communications Security brand. Under the SSH Communications Security brand the company’s product portfolio will continue to be fully supported and the company’s global sales and channel strategy will continue to accelerate worldwide.

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PR Contact North America:

Jason Thompson

Director, Marketing


PR Contact Europe:

Matthew McKenna

Head of Sales and Marketing

+358 50 387 0573




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