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SSH Communications Security Sharpens Strategic Focus


HELSINKI, Finland and WALTHAM, Mass., December 1, 2011 - Tectia Corporation (NASDAQ OMX: TEC1V) announced today that under its SSH Communications Security (SSH) brand it is ramping up R&D, support, sales and marketing operations to deliver its next-generation management solutions for SSH and OpenSSH platforms.

“Our focus is to simply solve challenges our customers face on a day to day basis in managing their SSH infrastructures” said Tatu Ylönen CEO of SSH Communications Security and the inventor of the SSH protocol. “In addition to the core data-in-transit security benefits delivered by SSH, our management solutions will focus on solving security challenges around internal access control, privileged user auditing as well SSH and OpenSSH deployment, configuration, and key management. We are developing a modular platform that delivers a universal solution to solve many of today’s complex security challenges around managing and controlling existing commercial and open source SSH environments.”

“Our customer’s have invested heavily over the years in their SSH and OpenSSH infrastructures, and it is our intention to create solutions that will help them leverage that investment further ” said Matthew McKenna, Head of Sales & Marketing for SSH. “In today’s challenging economic environment our solutions will be targeted to drive down costs, increase security and provide better compliance and visibility for our customers.”

“From an R&D perspective, our move towards a modular, platform based approach allows us to meet the current needs of our customers while ensuring they can easily scale within our platform as we enhance our offerings and bring new products to market,” said Kalle Jääskeläinen, Head of R&D and Support for SSH. “Our solutions will continue to built around the principles of being minimally invasive, easy to deploy and scalable in enterprise environments.”

With over a 90% customer retention rate and with the most experienced SSH R&D and technical support staff in the space, the company is well positioned to execute on their platform approach and deliver the highest return on security investment possible. SSH solutions will be targeted at underserved Fortune 1000 companies in addition to the company’s current base of over 3,000 global customers, which includes half of the Fortune 10. For more information on SSH Communications Security please visit

PR Contact North America:

Jason Thompson

Director, Marketing


PR Contact Europe:

Matthew McKenna

Head of Sales and Marketing

+358 50 387 0573




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