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CryptoAuditor 2.2 - Control and Accountability for Encrypted Access in the Cloud


CryptoAuditor solves the issues of privileged session management and shared and service account monitoring - also in the Cloud.

HELSINKI and WALTHAM, Mass., Nov. 10, 2016 – SSH Communications Security today announces the availability of release 2.2 of CryptoAuditor, a fully network based solution that transparently monitors, controls, and audits encrypted sessions.

CryptoAuditor implements the next steps of SSH Communications Security's cloud strategy by offering support for OpenStack cloud computing platform. This open virtualization framework is the technology behind many of the competitors of Amazon Web Services (that is also a supported cloud platform for CryptoAuditor). The myriad of new services spawning in the various cloud environments require monitoring, auditing, and control capabilities - just as their pre-cloud era counterparts.

While hosted cloud environments are making their way to enterprise mainstream, traditional network architectures are still employed, and require support for management and monitoring of 3rd party (privileged) encrypted access. CryptoAuditor offers fine-grained granularity of access, with time-based constraints, as well as user and credential mapping for removing the necessity of disclosing target system credentials.

Tight focus on our customers allows us to concentrate R&D effort into areas that matter the most, says Tommi Lampila, VP of Access Control and Monitoring Solutions.

It is only through our commitment to our customers and their needs, that we have come to offer a true value-adding complement to the existing fixtures in the IAM and PAM landscapes of our strategic customers.

CryptoAuditor 2.2 is available now, directly from SSH Communications Security or through our partners, or from AWS Marketplace. It includes support for RDP version 10, enhanced APIs for system integration, as well as further new capabilities.

Contact us for a free technology demonstration at: Online CryptoAuditor Demonstration

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