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Major Home Improvement Retailer Selects SSH Communications Security’s Solution to Address Its SSH Key Needs


Universal Key Manager Provides Complete Visibility into All Keys for Greater Network Security

HELSINKI and WALTHAM, Mass., Nov. 7, 2016 – SSH Communications Security today announced that a leading home improvement retailer has chosen its Universal Key Manager solution to improve SSH key management and satisfy internal and external compliance requirements.

SSH keys grant access to an organization’s critical information, and poor management or misuse can result in significant risks to an enterprise. Utilizing UKM, the retailer will be able to centrally manage SSH keys across its network and secure its most sensitive assets:

  • Control and enforcement: The retailer will use the UKM solution to control SSH keys as part of its access lifecycle management and to ensure policies for both interactive and machine-to-machine access are strictly enforced.
  • Automating access management: UKM will automate the process of SSH key management with respect to granting, removing and certifying SSH key-based access – saving time and money.
  • Key visibility: UKM provides a centralized view into all SSH keys across a network for complete visibility, which enables accurate reporting. The solution identifies SSH keys and the access they provide and offers a central way to lock down and control SSH key access.

Tatu Ylönen, CEO and founder, SSH Communications Security, said: “Many organizations are realizing that SSH keys need to be put within their identity access management lifecycle process. These keys are no longer just an IT problem; they need to be controlled and governed just like usernames and passwords due to the privileged access they provide. We look forward to working with this retailer and many others to help them remain compliant and secure.”

About SSH Communications Security

SSH Communications Security (NASDAQ OMX) is a leading provider of enterprise cybersecurity solutions that monitor, control and automate trusted access to critical data. The company’s long track record of innovation includes Secure Shell (SSH) - one of the world’s most widely used network security protocols. Demanding customers worldwide trust our flagship Universal SSH Key Manager® and other solutions to manage access, enhance security, and achieve compliance. The Company sells direct through offices in North America, Europe and Asia and through a global network of certified partners. Access more at




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