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SSH Communications Security Partners with ReadySpace to Deliver Secure Cloud Services in Hong Kong


CryptoAuditor Provides Secure Privileged Access Management to Cloud Hosting Customers

HELSINKI and WALTHAM, Mass., March 15, 2016 – SSH Communications Security announced that it has partnered with ReadySpace Limited, a leading cloud and managed hosting provider from Hong Kong. Under terms of the agreement, ReadySpace will add SSH’s CryptoAuditor privileged user monitoring solution to their service offering.

CryptoAuditor is a network–based virtual appliance that monitors, controls and audits encrypted administrator sessions, third-party access and file transfers. As SSH’s first strategic cloud partner in Hong Kong, ReadySpace will be using CryptoAuditor to:

  • Review encrypted traffic: ReadySpace clients are now able to prevent data loss within the cloud-hosting environment by using CryptoAuditor to review the encrypted channel traffic with inline, real-time and transparent audit capabilities.
  • Audit trail storage: CryptoAuditor provides an audit trail storage that allows organizations to monitor and replay activities in real time and reduces the risk of data tampering.

  • Prevent accidental data transport: With CryptoAuditor, ReadySpace ensures that client data will not be accidentally or maliciously transported outside the enterprise.

Ricky Ho, regional director, APAC, SSH Communications Security, said:

“During the past few years, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority published the ‘General Principles for Technology Risk Management’ and the Monetary Authority of Singapore published the ‘Technology Risk Management Guidelines.’ In this age of data breaches and increasing regulation, organizations need a holistic approach to security. On the other hand, organizations also need to rely on outsourced IT and cloud services, which results in the need to monitor and audit encrypted channels. Cyber criminals are adept at finding new ways to bypass security measures, including using encrypted channels to obfuscate crimes. CryptoAuditor prevents data loss and functions transparently with no interference with users’ work nor with traffic flow on the network.”

Siu Kin Ki, development director, ReadySpace Limited, said:

“Cloud security remains a top-of-mind issue and an increasing demand from customers. Thanks to this partnership, enterprise customers are now able to monitor privileged user activities in the cloud-hosting environment. We are happy to partner with SSH and look forward to a beneficial relationship.”

About SSH Communications Security

As the inventor of the SSH protocol, we have a twenty-year history of leading the market in developing advanced security solutions that enable, monitor, and manage encrypted networks. Over 3,000 customers across the globe trust the company’s encryption, access control and encrypted channel monitoring solutions to meet complex compliance requirements, improve their security posture and save on operational costs. SSH Communications Security is headquartered in Helsinki and has offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The company’s shares (SSH1V) are quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. For more information, visit

About ReadySpace

Established in Singapore since March 2003, ReadySpace is one of the leading cloud and managed hosting providers where it has offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, USA and so on. We deliver a wide range of IT hosting services to businesses of all sizes and kinds around the globe. Our services include Cloud Hosting, Cloud Server, Managed Dedicated Server, Cloud Infrastructure, Hosted Exchange Server, Email Security and many more. We are strongly committed to providing the highest service levels in Security, Availability, and Scalability through constant training and research. For more information, visit


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