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Clearmanage Selects CryptoAuditor for Privileged Access Management in First APAC Cloud Deployment


Singapore-based Cloud Provider to Monitor Encrypted Channels with SSH Communications Security

HELSINKI and Singapore, Apr. 14, 2015 – As more organizations migrate to the cloud, security issues must be addressed swiftly. SSH Communications Security today announced that Clearmanage, a regional cloud computing and cloud security service provider for government and enterprise clients, headquartered in Singapore, has chosen to deploy CryptoAuditor™ in a new and forward-looking cloud service offering. Clearmanage is the first organization in the Asia Pacific region to implement CryptoAuditor privileged user monitoring for a cloud environment.

Clearmanage has deployed CryptoAuditor within its own network and will also resell it as part of its security service offering.

  • Meeting key criteria: To satisfy Clearmanage requirements, the privileged access management (PAM) solution needed to be agentless and non-intrusive to its cloud service clients. It also had to be adaptable as a cloud-based security service, so that even clients not in the Clearmanage hosting facility would be able to leverage the solution to manage their privileged users. CryptoAuditor meets these criteria.
  • Committed customer support: SSH Communication Security’s strong customer support and local distributorship were major selling points.
  • PAM in the cloud: CryptoAuditor enables major enterprises, financial institutions, government agencies and cloud providers to take control of privileged access to their assets in the cloud, delivering distributed virtual appliance architecture and transparent monitoring capabilities.
  • Well-rounded solution: The solutionhelps prevent data exfiltration and performs encrypted data monitoring for a robust security stance.

Matthew McKenna, chief commercial officer, SSH Communications Security, said:

“Whether in the public or private sector, organizations around the world struggle to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. Consequently, providers are now realizing the opportunity to provide a more well-rounded security offering. Clearmanage has experience in providing advanced security solutions and services across both sectors and is ideally suited to deliver security in the cloud.”

Alex Ng, General Manager, Clearmanage, said:

“CryptoAuditor helps us meet certification and compliance requirements while strengthening our cloud infrastructure. SSH Communications Security was willing to look into critical feature requests and to collaborate with us to bring the service to market. We now have a new PAM service to offer our secure cloud hosting clients as part of our government and enterprise cloud service.”

About SSH Communications Security

As the inventor of the SSH protocol, we have a twenty-year history of leading the market in developing advanced security solutions that enable, monitor, and manage encrypted networks. Over 3,000 customers across the globe trust the company’s encryption, access control and encrypted channel monitoring solutions to meet complex compliance requirements, improve their security posture and save on operational costs. SSH Communications Security is headquartered in Helsinki and has offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The company’s shares (SSH1V) are quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. For more information, visit

About Clearmanage

Clearmanage is a cloud computing and cloud security service provider, with headquarters in Singapore and offices in Asia and the Middle East, and more than 8 years of specialised experience in providing cloud services, cloud infrastructure and hosting, and advanced security solutions and services for the government and enterprise sectors. Clearmanage has worked with their strategic reseller partners to provide secure IaaS, PaaS and SaaS Cloud Service and security cloud services to governments, large enterprises and SMB’s for more than 6 years and are one of the first service providers to be certified for SS 584 MTCS to its highest level 3, capable of hosting clients handling sensitive information and highly confidential business data.




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