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Demand for Data Center Trust Accelerates with Cloud, Internet of Things


SSH Communications Security Builds Momentum with Next-Generation SSH Key Management Solution, Disrupts Legacy PAM Vendors with CryptoAuditor

HELSINKI and WALTHAM, Mass. , Oct. 22, 2014 – SSH Communications Security today announced significant momentum with key customer acquisitions and strong customer retention. Universal SSH Key Manager™, the company’s best-in-class Secure Shell identity and access management (IAM) solution, continues to retain and attract marquee names while its next-generation privileged access management (PAM) solution, CryptoAuditor®, disrupts legacy jump host-based PAM solutions. For more information visit:

Machine-to-Machine traffic, which is primarily generated by applications, batch file transfers and automated business processes, is increasing rapidly due to the growing market for connected objects and devices. In traditional, hybrid and cloud-based data centers, Secure Shell is widely utilized to securely move data from point to point, both inside and outside the network.

SSH Communications Security has been leading the industry through several key developments, including:

  • Established leaders – Information and communications technology veteran Harri Koponen was appointed CEO of SSH Communications Security. Koponen’s extensive experience in operations and sales will help guide SSH as it continues to lead the industry in developing advanced security solutions that enable, monitor and manage encrypted networks.

  • Universal SSH Key Manager customer wins – A European-based national bank, a major US-based financial institution and a major German-based insurance provider selected Universal SSH Key Manager to gain full visibility and life-cycle management for SSH access and identity management.

  • CryptoAuditor increases market share – A leading global consulting firm, a major hotel brand and one of Asia’s largest e-commerce sites selected CryptoAuditor to monitor and control their encrypted traffic.

  • Product launches – The company released its Secure Shell HealthCheck service to help enterprises understand risk in their Secure Shell environment.

  • Industry guidelines mandate Secure Shell best practices – NIST released draft guidelines for Secure Shell key management, providing third party validation for best practices relating to M2M and interactive Secure Shell key-based authentication. SSH worked closely with NIST and the White House Office of Science and Technology on this critical and highly sensitive issue to address vulnerabilities and advise on control procedures.

Matthew McKenna, chief commercialization officer, SSH Communications Security, said:

“Demand for data center trust has accelerated with the widespread adoption of the Cloud and the rapid emergence of the Internet of Things. Coupled with the realities of a post-Snowden world, this change in the landscape requires organizations to take a closer look at their encrypted networks.”

Jason Thompson, vice president of worldwide marketing, SSH Communications Security, said:

“Legacy IAM and PAM solutions are designed to monitor and manage interactive users. In modern data centers, only a fraction of identities are interactive users, meaning legacy solutions just address the tip of the iceberg. If you take into account the traffic volume and number of authorizations that are being missed, there is a major—and growing—gap in data center security that requires a next-generation approach.”

Additional Resource:

SSH Communications Security will be holding a webinar on Thursday, October 23rd at 2:00 PM ET featuring Forrester Research, Inc. VP and Principal Analyst John Kindervag entitled “Trust Management in Data Centers Needs CISO Attention: The Threat of Unmanaged Secure Shell Keys.”

About SSH Communications Security

SSH Communications Security is the market leader in developing advanced security solutions that enable, monitor and manage encrypted networks. Over 3,000 customers across the globe trust the company’s encryption, access control and encrypted channel monitoring solutions to meet complex compliance requirements, improve their security posture and save on operational costs. SSH Communications Security is headquartered in Helsinki and has offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The company’s shares (SSH1V) are quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.




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