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The ssh-ca-repair script examines the status of internal TLS certificates in the Certifier Engine and Certifier Server installations and fixes found problems.

On Windows, there are two separate scripts, ssh_ca_win32_repair_engine.bat for fixing problems in Engine+Server installations and ssh_ca_win32_repair_server.bat for fixing problems in Certifier subordinate server installations.

The script detects and fixes the following problems automatically:

  • No internal TLS CA found.
  • Internal TLS CA certificate expired or otherwise invalid.
  • Internal TLS CA marked as inactive.
  • Engine TLS certificate invalid or issued by a wrong CA.
  • Server marked inactive.
  • Server has no valid TLS client certificate.
  • No super-user operators in system.
  • Incorrect Database timestamp.

When run without parameters, the script diagnoses these problems and for each detected problem prompts for user confirmation before fixing the problem. After the automatically detected problems have been dealt with, the script displays a menu offering the following actions:

  • Change the operator password.
  • Create a PSK for operator.
  • Create a new super-user operator.
  • Create a new primary server.
  • Create new PSKs for subordinate servers.
  • Enroll a new CaComm TLS client certificate for primary server.
  • Write the system configuration summary to file.
  • Display the policy for the internal TLS CA.
  • Quit.

Setting Server Password

Enrolling a New Certificate for a Server

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