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On Windows, Perl needs to be installed separately. SSH Tectia Certifier has been tested with ActivePerl, which can be downloaded from On Windows, ActivePerl comes with PPM (Perl Package Manager), a tool for downloading and installing perl modules.

To install Perl modules, start PPM by entering on the command line:


To install a module, type install module-name, for example:

install XML-Writer

To check installed packages, type:


PPM will download the modules from an ActiveState server and automatically install them. HTTP proxy can be set by setting it in the environment variable HTTP_proxy. For more information on PPM, refer to PPM documentation.


  • ActivePerl for Windows v5.6.1
  • Required packages:
    • perl-ldap [0.28]
    • XML-Writer [0.4]
    • Mail-SendEasy [1.2]

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