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Validity Period

The validity period defines the time frame within which the certificate is valid. All clients should disallow using certificates before or after their validity period.

The validity period is rarely set in the original request and it is usually reset by the CA policy to some default value. CA policy allowing, the operator can check and modify the validity period of the resulting certificate. The system automatically restricts validity periods inside the validity period of their issuing CA certificate.

Figure : The validity period options

The used date and hour format depend on the operator-specific settings. See Section Editing the Operator Information. The Not before and Not after times are given (as are all other time values in SSH Tectia Certifier) in local time.

Setting the Validity Period

Instead of writing the exact validity period in the request form to the Not before and Not after fields, the period length can be chosen from the Set Validity Period drop-down list. Click the Set Validity Period button, and the Not before and Not after fields are automatically set with the correct dates.

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