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The usage is the following:

ssh-ca-tool [DSN] [options]

Before ssh-ca-tool can be run, some environment variables must be initialized and the Database must be started by running:

. ./bin/ssh-ca-runenv
. ./bin/ssh-ca-dbstart

Afterwards the Database should be stopper by running:

. ./bin/ssh-ca-dbstop

Alternatively, each ssh-ca-tool command line can be run with ssh-ca-runenv wrapper. Example:

./bin/ssh-ca-runenv -db ssh-ca-tool -r /tmp/my-entropy.tmp

In this case, the ssh-ca-runenv wrapper shuts down SSH Tectia Certifier (if it was running), starts the Database, runs the ssh-ca-tool command, and finally stops the Database.

The optional first parameter that ssh-ca-tool requires is the data source name that indicates the database in use. This is given as a string, such as DSN=certifier if certifier is the name configured in the ODBC connection to the database.

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