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Registration Authority Settings

In SSH Tectia Certifier, an RA is in many ways similar to a CA. However, the RA creation is a bit different, since RA always enrolls its certificate from the CA, which is not running on the same installation.

Pre-requisities for RA creation are that:

  • There is an online CMP connection to the CA. If SSH Tectia Certifier is running the CA, a CMP Service needs to be running on the Certifier Server instance.
  • The CA has to have an automatic issuing policy for valid RA entities.
  • The CA administrator has issued a reference number and a key that the RA can use when performing the RA certificate enrollment. See Section Creating a Delegated RA Entity.
  • There is an External Enrollment Client Service running on the same server with the RA. This service is needed for performing the RA side of the RA-CA communication.

Creating a New Registration Authority

Editing RA Settings

Enrolling an RA Certificate

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