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Processing Requests

When a CA policy does not allow the certificate to be automatically generated (for example, if shared secrets are not used in certificate enrollment), the operator has to manually approve the certification request.

All received but not yet processed requests are marked with the pending status in the Database and can be easily found either by using the Process Requests option of the main menu or by a specific Database search with status set as pending.

The easiest method to process a pending certification request is to click the Process Requests button on top of the main menu. This runs a database search on all pending certification requests in the Database and displays the result to the operator, most recently arrived requests first.

Also other, more specific searches can be used. From the Search Results page the View Request button will bring up the request in an editable form, and the operator can manually verify all fields of the certificate and modify almost any other data associated with the certification request, prior to making the certificate.

Figure Certification request shows an operator's view to a request.

Figure : Operator's view to a certification request

The different request fields are described in the following sections.

Certificate Profile



Subject Name

Validity Period

Certificate Extension Fields

Additional Parameters

Updating a Changed Request

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