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IIM and Required Perl

The LDAP Provider component of IIM requires specific Perl version and Perl packages to be available. The SSH Tectia Certifier installation does not install these packages, but they must be installed manually. This chapter lists guidelines for installing Perl to those operating systems that are supported by SSH Tectia Certifier 3.0.

The script requires the same Perl components as the LDAP Provider and an additional Mail-SendEasy component. The script can be used for informing the end user about certificate enrollment. It sends e-mail to the address received in the IM message. The script can also be used for enrolling certificates automatically using ssh-cmpclient, even though that is only meant as a test tool. The script can be edited to perform the needed tasks whenever IIM messages are received.

If there are any questions regarding the required Perl versions and modules, please contact SSH Tectia technical support.



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