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External Publishing Method

To allow maximal flexibility in CRL and certificate publishing, SSH Tectia Certifier also supports external publishing. This method can be used either to write the published object into a normal file or to execute an external script.

All types of external publishing are run in the Web Enrollment Service. This is important to remember when considering path names in external scripts and file names.

The external publishing method can also be used to add arbitrary URI CRL distribution point extensions to certificates. On the Edit CRL Publishing Methods page, select the Include in Certificates check box and write the URI to URL to add text box. Now all certificates issued will contain that URL provided that the CA policy has the Set CRL Distribution Point module added.

The external publishing method contains three action types. First of them is Just add the CRL distribution point extension. This options is available in CRL publishing only and it can be used if just the distribution point extension is needed in certificates.

The Write to file action simply writes the object to a named file. The current working directory is the Certifier installation directory so it is usually a good idea to give absolute pathname for the file. File format controls the format of the file.

The Run command action executes an external command to handle the object. Also in this case it is advisable to provide an absolute path to the command. Apart for command name the line can also contain parameters to that command. These are usually given as special fields that represent files containing the data to be published. Publishing Service then writes the data to temporary files and executes the command line with special fields replaced with file names. Supported fields in the command line are as follows:

  • %cert

    The certificate to be published. Either in PEM or binary DER depending on the File format setting. Ignored in CRL publishing.

  • %crl

    The CRL to be published. Either in PEM or binary DER depending on the File format setting. Ignored in certificate publishing.

  • %ca

    The certificate of the issuing CA, both in CRL and certificate publishing. Either in PEM or binary DER depending on the File format setting.

  • %crl-url

    Full CRL distribution point URL. Ignored in certificate publishing.

  • %msg

    Complete publishing parameters encoded as an ASL. Contains the published object, CA certificate, and other configuration data.

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