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Escaped Tokens for Regex Syntax Egrep

  • \0n..n

    The literal byte with octal value n..n.

  • \0

    The NULL byte.

  • \[1-9]..x

    The literal byte with decimal value [1-9]..x.

  • \xn..n or \0xn..n

    The literal byte with hexadecimal value n..n.

  • \<

    Match the empty string at the beginning of a word.

  • \>

    Match the empty string at the end of a word.

  • \b

    Match the empty string at a word boundary.

  • \B

    Match the empty string provided it is not at a word boundary.

  • \w

    Match a word-constituent character, equivalent to [a:zA:Z0:9-].

  • \W

    Match a non-word-constituent character.

  • \a

    Literal alarm character.

  • \e

    Literal escape character.

  • \f

    Literal line feed.

  • \n

    Literal new line, equivalent to C's \n so it can be more than one character long.

  • \r

    Literal carriage return.

  • \t

    Literal tab.

All other escaped characters denote the literal character itself.

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