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Enrolling an RA Certificate

To enroll a new RA certificate Click the Enroll New Certificate button. This opens the New RA Certificate Enrollment page.

If you are using CMP over HTTP connection as the RA-CA connection type and you have given the CMP URL on the RA page, the CA address will already be filled. Otherwise select the Enroll Client Service to use and give the CA Connection Address.

Click Refresh to update the CA list and select the relevant CA. Fill in the Reference number and the Key of the delegated RA entity. You can also fill in the subject name of the RA certificate request in the Subject name field.

Figure : Enrolling the RA certificate

By default, a 1024-bit RSA key is generated. To change this, click Set Key Generation Parameters. This opens the Key Generation / Import page where you can edit the key attributes.

Click Proceed to start the private key generation and certificate enrollment.

If the CA is set to issue certificates automatically for valid (RA) entities the certificate should now be displayed on the Registration Authority page under RA Certificate. If the request needs to be manually approved or the connection to the CA is slow, there will be a Poll Request button under RA Certificate and a note about the pending request.

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