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Editing a Delegated RA Entity

When the RA enrolls its own certificate using CMP, it needs a pre-shared key for authentication. A new pre-shared key can be added by clicking Add next to the Pre-shared keys box. The reference number and key need to be provided for the RA administration who is performing the RA certificate enrollment.

After the RA has enrolled its RA certificate, it will be shown in the RA Client Certificates field of the page.

Figure : The Delegated RA Entity page

To view requests directed to this RA, click the View Requests button on the bottom of the page. To view certificates approved through this CA, click the View Approved Certificates button. (Clicking these buttons initiates a database search with appropriate search criteria.)

Once the entity data has been edited, changes can be taken in use by clicking the Commit Changes button on the bottom of the page.

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