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Editing Entities

The Entity page can be reached in many ways. You can search for entities based on their creation time or by some indexed words given in the entity attributes. To do the search, select the Find Entities option from the main menu.

Searches can also be made from the certification request update page. Some log entries have an associated entity which can be viewed. An entity associated with a certificate can be viewed from the certificate page.

The Entity page looks almost the same as the entity creation page. The only difference is the addition of Pre-shared keys and some different buttons in the bottom of the page.

Figure : The Entity page

Clicking the Commit Changes button will update the Database with the new name, status and attribute values that have been set by the operator. Changes in pre-shared keys are updated on their own and are unaffected by this button.

Clicking the View Log button fetches the recent log entries related to this entity and displays them. The View Requests button searches the Database for all pending certification requests that are marked to this entity either automatically by some policy mapping or manually by the operator. The View Certificates option shows all active certificates that belong to this entity. The Search button shows a generic find page with the current entity automatically bound.

The Copy Entity option makes a new copy of this entity. Only attributes, type and name are copied as shared secrets are naturally entity-specific.

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