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Downloading CA/RA Certificates and CRLs

Both CA and RA certificates, and the CRLs can be downloaded from the Certification Authorities page (enroll-ca-list.html) by clicking CA List in the main menu of the Web Enrollment Services.

All the CAs and RAs, whose statuses are not Private and are included in the Accessible CAs list in the Web Enrollment Service configuration, can be viewed in this page. The following buttons can be found under each CA/RA entry:

  • View Certificate as PEM

    The CA/RA certificate can be viewed in base-64-encoded format (also known as PEM, privacy enhanced mail encoding). Certificate can be installed in the root CA storage of Windows by opening this file with Internet Explorer and choosing Install in the certificate viewer dialog of Windows.

  • View Certificate

    The CA/RA certificate details can be viewed with the SSH Tectia Certifier's web-based Certificate Viewer by clicking this button. The certificate can be downloaded in binary format by clicking Download Certificate in the bottom of this web page.

  • Download Certificate

    With Netscape Navigator, the CA can be installed by using this option. Clicking this button will start the New Certificate Authority wizard of Netscape Navigator.

  • Download CRL

    The current CRL of the CA can be downloaded in binary format by clicking this button.

  • Download CRL as PEM

    The current CRL of the CA can be downloaded in base-64-encoded (PEM) format by clicking this button.

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