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SSH Tectia Certifier uses an embedded database for internal data storage, Adaptive Server Anywhere from Sybase Inc. This database should not be confused with the optional public LDAP directory which is used for certificate and CRL publishing. Certifier Engine is the only Certifier component that connects to the Database and performs database queries.

The Certifier Database is used to store all of the issued certificates, certification requests, CA policies, Server and Service configuration and all the other certificate and entity management related data. The operation log data and most of the configuration definitions are also stored in the Database. All the software CA/RA private keys are stored in the database encrypted with the master password.

All the information in an Adaptive Server Anywhere database is stored in a single database file. In addition to this database file, it uses two files when it is running database, the transaction log and a temporary file.

The transaction log file contains a record of all the operations performed on the database. The temporary file is started during Certifier Engine start, and closed during Certifier Engine stop. It is used to hold temporary data, that does not need to be kept between sessions.

Setting up Backup Procedure


Remote Live Backup

Sample Backup Plan

Database Table Structure

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