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Certifier Servers and Services

The modular architecture of SSH Tectia Certifier provides a flexible way to centrally manage the various PKI front-end interfaces and optionally distribute them to different hosts. This allows scalability for large deployments, but on the other hand, more limited PKI deployments can be easily implemented since only the required mandatory services need to be taken into use.

In addition to the Certifier Engine, there needs to be at least one Certifier Server instance having at least one Certifier Service. In a small-scale deployment there can be just one Certifier Server instance running on the same host machine than Certifier Engine. In a large-scale deployment there can be several Certifier Server instances running on different hosts, and Certifier Engine running on a dedicated host.

Figure : The Server List page

The Server List page lists the Server instances of the system. During the installation one Server instance is created to provide the Administration and Web Enrollment Services.

To add a new Server instance, click the Add New Server button. After this, you need to install the Certifier Server software to the host (see SSH Tectia Certifier Administrator's Guide for instructions).

To configure an existing Certifier Server instance, click the View Server button.

Creating a New Server Entity

Editing the Administration Service

Editing the CMP Service

Editing the External Enrollment Client Service

Editing the Identity Integration Service

Editing the LDAP Authentication Service

Editing the OCSP Responder Service

Editing the Publishing Service

Editing the SCEP Service

Editing the Web Enrollment Service

Customizing the Web Enrollment Pages

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