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Certifier Server Configuration File

The server.conf file contains both server and service specific parameters. The server-specific parameters are the following:

  • ca-engine

    The address of the Certifier Engine, to which Certifier Server is connecting, and a flag to specify whether TLS is being used for protection.

  • pid-directory

    The location of the PID files.

  • pki-directory

    The location of the directory where the Certifier Server private key and certificates are stored.

  • heartbeat-interval

    Interval in minutes of the heartbeats written in system log, when the Certifier Server process is running.

In the server.conf configuration file you can also define parameters that are defined for all Certifier Services of specific type running on that Certifier Server. These parameters are mainly related to the web server data (such as the location of the HTML templates). Normally they are needed only for Administration Services and Web Enrollment Services. The service-specific adjustable parameters of the server.conf file are the following:

  • syslog-facility

    The system log facility name for the log messages related to the Service can be specified here.

  • dos

    Parameters for the denial of service avoidance mechanism.

    • host-rate-limit

      Maximum number of requests from one client host during a ten second period.

    • max-packet-size

      Maximum request packet size.

  • session-idle-ttl

    How many seconds the web sessions may be idle before the Web server drops the session.

    • initial

      Session may be idle this many seconds after the first request.

    • normal

      Session may be idle this many seconds after subsequent requests.

  • path-mime-types

    The location of the file that describes the mappings from filename extensions to MIME types.

  • mime-paths

    Describes mapping between mime-type and the directory containing files of this type. The default configuration can include the following entries:

    • text

      The location of the HTML templates used in the GUI. Several directories can be specified.

    • image

      The location of the images (GIF, JPEG etc.) used by the GUI. Several directories can be specified.

  • library-path

    The location of the Scheme code libraries used in the GUI.

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