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Administration Interface

The administration interface of SSH Tectia Certifier is produced by the Administration Service. All administrative tasks including certificate request processing, certificate publishing, CA policy configuring, and database searches can be performed by using the web-based administration interface.

This chapter describes the different functions the operators can perform using the administration interface. Detailed explanations on how to fill the configuration data and how to use the various GUI features are given. The Help buttons in the administration interface itself are linked to these explanations.

In addition to the main admin UI, SSH Tectia Certifier is provided with a limited administration interface. See SSH Tectia Certifier Administrator's Guide for instructions.

For a description of the web enrollment interface, see Section Web Enrollment Pages.

SSH Tectia Certifier offers also the possibility to customize a totally new GUI. Customizing or programming a new GUI requires writing HTML code and/or embedded script code, Scheme. Contact SSH Tectia Certifier technical support for more information.

  • Parts of the administration view

    After login, the administration interface opens. The administration pages are dynamically created from HTML templates. Each page is divided into two parts, the top menu, the main menu on the left, and the actual settings page. The top menu and the main menu are identical on all pages.

    The top menu (shown in Figure The top menu) contains a link to the Reference Guide (this document), the About and Logout links, and the quick Search button. The visited page locations are shown under Back locations.

    Figure : The top menu of the Administration GUI

    The main menu (shown in Figure The main menu) contains links to the setting pages of the administration GUI. Some options may be hidden on the menu, depending on the administrator settings.

    Figure : The main menu of the Administration GUI

  • Navigating the administration interface

    Do not use the Back or Forward buttons of the web browser to navigate in the user interface, as in some cases they may cause the application to function erratically. Instead, use the Back, Cancel, or OK buttons provided on the UI page, or use the Back locations history on the top of the page, or just select a new option from the main menu.

Database Search

Processing Requests


Viewing Certificates

Certification Authority Settings

Registration Authority Settings

Publishing Settings

Policy Chains


Delegated RA Entities

Certifier Servers and Services

System Configuration

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