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Adding Operators

Any operator with super-user privileges is authorized to add new operators and to set their privileges. This can be done on the Operator page, accessed by selecting the Operators main menu option. To create a new operator, click the Create New Operator button located at the bottom of the screen.

On the following page the operator's attributes can be set before the operator is actually created.

The Login Name field is the short and unique login name that is used in login and identifying different operators in log event displays. It is customary that such names are written in lower case and without spaces. However, note that the name is case-sensitive.

Figure : Creating a new operator

There are two Password fields that are used as verification. The same password must be entered into both boxes.

The longer Operator Name field is provided for the complete name of the operator. This field is mainly used as a help for the other operators.

The basic access rights of the operator can also be set (Read only, Normal, Super user). The access rights can (and should) be further modified on the Operator page. See Section Operator Access Control Levels for more information on the levels.

After this information is correctly set, the operator can create the new operator account by clicking the Create New Operator button. This will open the Operator page, where further editing can be done.

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