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About This Document

SSH Tectia Certifier offers versatile configuration and customization options to suit the needs of your PKI service. This document describes the user interfaces, command-line tools, and other configuration options of SSH Tectia Certifier.

This document contains the following information:

  • description of the administration GUI
  • description of certificate life-cycle management services, including the web enrollment GUI
  • instructions on using the command-line tools included in the SSH Tectia Certifier package
  • instructions on using PKCS #11 compatible hardware security modules (HSM) for storing CA/RA private keys
  • appendix with information on miscellaneous topics (such as configuration files and database backup)
  • appendix that lists the Certifier syslog messages

To use the information in this document, you should have basic knowledge of public-key cryptography and X.509 certificates. You should also be familiar with the information presented in SSH Tectia Certifier Product Description and SSH Tectia Certifier Administrator's Guide.

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