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Fouad Khalil, Compliance Practitioner

Fouad Khalil, practitioner and Compliance Director at SSH Communications Security

Hi, I'm Fouad Khalil, a compliance practitioner.

I am currently the VP of Compliance at SSH Communication Security (SSH.COM) with extensive experience in the technology space with more than 25 years spanning disciplines in software development, IT support, program and project management and most recently IT Security and Compliance management.

I have come up the technology ladder my entire career from network, system and database administration, software programming, system, software and GUI design, project and product development, solution implementation and much more.

Switched focus for the past 15 years on data security, security investigations, security training and awareness and most of all Security Compliance. My function was the one stop shop for all Information Technology audit and compliance.

Key areas of focus include: Information Technology, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Internal Controls over financial reporting, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI DSS, HIPAA and HITECH and the Monetary Authority of Singapore compliance to name a few.

Experienced in security training and awareness as part of corporate governance and regulatory compliance.

Co-authored ISACA SSH Practitioner Considerations Guidance.

Active member in ISACA, IIA and Infragard for over ten (10) years. Active contributor to ISSA and ISC2 regionally and nationwide.

CISA and ITIL Foundations certified.

I am an active contributor to the security field across all industries. I have had the opportunity to present at multiple venues, to name a few in 2016:

  • Annual HIPAA Summit in Washington, DC
  • GTACS in Singapore
  • InfoSec in HongKong
  • ISACA NA CACS in New Orleans
  • Regional ISACA conferences such as the Maine event.

I have various articles, webinars and publications in an effort to increase awareness around the gaps and audit concerns regarding access controls. Please check out a few:

I have a Bachelor's of Science degree from Marquette University in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a minor in Math.

Follow me on Twitter: fouadkhalil.

More information on my linkedin page: Fouad Khalil's linkedin page.


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