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SSH OEM Program

Product differentiation, enhanced services, time-to-market, reduced cost. Companies battle daily with how to deliver higher value solutions, cheaper and faster. The question of whether to buy or build is a common question for product and engineering teams. The SSH OEM Program is designed with a specific understanding of our Partners’ time and financial constraints. Familiar with this quandary, SSH Communications Security has engineered its products and business practices to seamlessly fold into its Partners’ mode of business. SSH has many OEM Partners globally ranging in verticals from Financial Services to Telco. The SSH OEM Program is designed to be flexible extension of your own team’s internal development organization.

Benefits in becoming an OEM Partner include:

  • Flexible royalty-based licensing model
  • Diversify your revenue stream
  • Maintain control over your brand with SSH’s embedded software


Make encrypted access for administrative access and file transfers for inbound and outbound traffic visible and safe. Based on the underlying principles of transparent and non-disruptive deployment, the objective of our SSH One™ platform is to make automated access an enabler in your product line, be it targeting on premise or cloud environments.

Join Us

SSH’s platform provides an easy, robust, and scalable solution, empowering OEM partners to create new products and offerings to extend value to their customers. The SSH OEM program is ideal for software vendors, device manufacturers, SaaS providers, and CASB providers who want to embed SSH’s powerful platform into their products.

For further information, please call Andrew Hammond, VP of Business Development, at +1 781 247 2126 (office) or +1 617 817 3735 (cell). Email andrew.hammond at You can also request additional information by filling the form below.




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