Channel Partner Program - SSH Communications Security

In a recent Forrester survey, over 65% of enterprises reported that SSH is critical or important to their business. It is used by systems administrators and for automated processes such as database updates, disaster recovery, software management and cloud provisioning. However, lax management controls over SSH expose organizations to data breach risk and compliance violations.

Our Solution

Our channel business partners are the foundation to our success and SSH Communications Security’s business model is based on strong and deep partnerships. Our ecosystem concentrates on the best advisory consultants, global systems integrators and regional solution providers. All with the objective of our mutual customers solving their privileged access security problems.

Partnering with SSH will provide you with a growth opportunity, technical training, sales training, and money making programs like deal registration, referral fees, and significant discounts.

Why partner with SSH?

  • Inventor and innovator of the SSH platform
  • Growing awareness of the SSH key problem in enterprise accounts
  • Sustained and broad services opportunity
  • Great tools like our SSH Risk Assessment service that delivers a detailed analysis of how SSH is deployed and used in your customer’s network
  • Trusted around the world to protect customers’ critical infrastructure
  • Fast growing customer base

For more information, please call Andrew Hammond, VP of Business Development, at +1 781 247 2126 (office) / +1 617 817 3735 (cell). Email andrew.hammond at You can also request additional information by filling the form below.