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SSH Tectia

Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Expansion Pack (Optional)

With the optional EFT Expansion Pack, the users of SSH Tectia Client and SSH Tectia Server can expand the baseline functionality to perform enhanced file transfer (EFT) operations that require higher encryption performance, more comprehensive manageability, APIs for application-level integration, and additional reliability features such as checkpoint/restart for guaranteed delivery.

The EFT Expansion Pack for SSH Tectia Client and Server has the following features in addition to the general file transfer features described in Secure File Transfer.

  • Transparent FTP-SFTP conversion

    The FTP-SFTP conversion module allows easy and cost-effective replacement of plaintext file transfers in large enterprise environments. Existing FTP connections including automated file transfers are transparently converted to SFTP without the need to modify existing scripts and applications.


    A complete client-side SFTP API (application programming interface) for Java and C enables seamless integration of secure file transfer capability to applications and third-party file transfer management systems.

  • CryptiCore® encryption and authentication

    The SSH G3 architecture together with the high-speed CryptiCore® algorithms (Intel platforms) helps in meeting critical deadlines and reducing hardware overhead requirements. The EFT Expansion Pack enables up to 400Mb/s secure file transfer throughput in 1Gb networks.

  • Checkpoint/restart mechanism

    The checkpoint/restart mechanism provides fault tolerance for large file transfers without performance penalties for increased user productivity, improved transfer reliability, and easier file transfer management.

  • File prefixing

    File prefixing prevents unintentional file usage at the destination before the file transfer is complete. It enables optimized 3rd-party job scheduling and event-based triggering of file resending from destination directories.

  • Extended MVS streaming

    Extended streaming for direct, one-step processing of MVS dataset transfers provides optimized throughput, and on-the-fly file format and code set conversions between distributed hosts and IBM z/OS systems.


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