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Chapter 1 Introduction to Tectia MFT Events

Tectia MFT Events is an administrator's tool for automating and securing file operations, and for monitoring their execution. Tectia MFT Events is a light-weight solution for moving to managed file transfers. It offers security, efficiency and visibility to file transfer management in enterprise environment.

Tectia MFT Events helps get rid of unsecured legacy FTP scripts that are labour-intensive to maintain and troubleshoot. This also helps organizations in meeting information security regulations, such as PCI DSS.

Tectia MFT Events secures data transfers with encryption, and applies strong authentication to access control.

With Tectia MFT Events, file operations can be managed in one place, which also makes it easy to monitor their progress. Troubleshooting failure situations is assisted by detailed logs that can be viewed in the Tectia MFT Events Management Console, or optionally via Tectia Manager that is a separate tool for monitoring and auditing file transfer data and SSH installations.

Tectia MFT Events icon

Figure 1.1. Tectia MFT Events icon

Typically, Tectia MFT Events is installed on servers that initiate file transfer operations, and it connects to SFTP servers. Tectia MFT Events works ideally together with Tectia Server, but the remote end can run any SSH2-compliant Secure Shell server, for example, an OpenSSH server.

Tectia MFT Events includes a Management Console which provides the administration interface on Windows and Linux. The administrators can use the Management Console to configure the events and to view the logs. The Management Console can be installed locally on the Tectia MFT Events engine hosts, or alternatively on administrator workstations for remote management in a distributed host environment.

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