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Chapter 3 What Tectia MFT Events Does

The purpose of Tectia MFT Events is to secure and automate managed file operations and to provide tools for monitoring the file operations.

The automated file operations are defined as events, that can transfer files, synchronize directories, run commands, and send email notifications to administrators. Each event can perform multiple actions, and both actions and events can be grouped or chained with condition settings. This allows a high level of complexity to be built into the events — all clearly visible in the Management Console, and testable by running the events manually via the console.

The events are stored on the Tectia MFT Events engine, and they can be viewed, edited and monitored via the Management Console. Having all events stored in the same place makes their monitoring and troubleshooting simple. Tectia MFT Events shows the status of each event and logs detailed data on the executed events.

Tectia MFT Events environment

Figure 3.1. Tectia MFT Events environment

The features of Tectia MFT Events are explained in more detail below.




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