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SSH Tectia

Example Environment

The example environment consists of hosts running server-to-server FTP file transfers. There are different types of FTP server-side machines involded in the file transfers; a Windows server equipped with SSH Tectia Server, an IBM mainframe servers where SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS has been installed, and an OpenSSH server.

The originating side has SSH Tectia ConnectSecure installed, and it has been configured to apply FTP-SFTP conversion to the mainframe connections, and transparent FTP tunneling to the rest of FTP traffic. In case of transparent FTP tunneling, the Secure Shell server forwards the files to the FTP server. The Secure Shell server and the receiving FTP server reside on the same machine, because the connection between them is no longer encrypted.

Secured FTP environment

Figure 5.10. Secured FTP environment

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