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Chapter 8 Managing Host Data

Tectia Manager collects all relevant information from the managed hosts, for example on the hardware, operating system, IP address, installed Secure Shell software and their configurations. The information is collected from all hosts where a Management Agent has been installed, and the Management Agents send the data over to the Management Server for storing into the Management Database.


The management operations are only performed on the supported Tectia and OpenSSH software, eventhough Tectia Manager can also detect legacy and other third-party Secure Shell software on the managed hosts.

Since the number of hosts can be large, the hosts can be arranged into groups according to their characteristics (for example the operating system, managed SSH software or location). This makes it easier to manage the different types of hosts.

The administrators can create different views into the host data to highlight different aspects of the host details. The host views and host groups are typically defined during the deployment of the Management Server and maintained by the Tectia Manager superuser.

The basis for all host management operations are the Host Views. The administrator can create more host views according to criteria relevant in host grouping (for example: Operating System), and then create a dedicated host group for each criteria item (for example: Linux, Unix, Windows). The host grouping is also used as the basis for the administrator access rights.

The workflow of managing host data

Figure 8.1. The workflow of managing host data

Once the actual hosts have been assigned to the groups, the setup is ready for management of the SSH software on the hosts.




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