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Creating Admin Group for the Auditor

Permissions to perform actions are given to admin groups. Each group has permissions to perform the selected global actions and host-group-specific actions to selected hosts. One admin account can be a member of any number of admin groups.

Admin groups can be added, edited, or deleted on the Admin groups page.

The Admin Groups view

Figure 3.11. The Admin Groups view

To create a new admin group:

  1. Click Settings → Admin groups on the menu.

  2. On the Manage admin groups and permissions page, click the Create new group button.

  3. On the New admin group page, enter the Name and Description of the group.

    Defining settings and permissions for a new admin group

    Figure 3.12. Defining settings and permissions for a new admin group

  4. Give the admin group the relevant rights to manage host groups. Under the Host Group Management Rights field, click Add.

    Editing host-group management rights

    Figure 3.13. Editing host-group management rights

    The permissions are represented as a table with one column for each of the Host Views and one column for the access rights. Each row in the table adds to the permissions of the Admin Group. An empty table means that the Admin Group has no host-group-specific permissions.

    On a row, a host group can be selected for each view, or any can be selected to apply the access rights to all host groups. If a host group different from any is selected, the access rights in the Access rights column apply only to hosts that are in the specified host group.

    Click Show help to see a short description of each access-right level.

  5. Select the System permissions relevant for the Auditor administrators as shown in Figure 3.12. The permissions defined in the example allow the Auditor to view the event logs and the Audit logs collected. You can click Show help texts to view short descriptions of the permissions.

  6. To add members to the group, select the relevant administrator from the Others box (on the left) and click the Add button.

    Adding admins as members of the admin group

    Figure 3.14. Adding admins as members of the admin group

  7. To save the Auditor Admin Group, click OK.

The admin group is now ready to be used.




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