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Installing Tectia ConnectSecure via Tectia Manager

Tectia ConnectSecure enables secure file transfer operations with minimal modifications to existing IT infrastructure, FTP scripts, or applications. In addtion to enhanced file transfer features, Tectia ConnectSecure offers all features of Tectia Client.

Tectia ConnectSecure and Tectia Client use the same configuration format and cannot be installed on the same host. If Tectia ConnectSecure is installed to a host with an existing Tectia Client installation, Tectia Client is automatically removed from the host by Tectia Manager.

To install Tectia ConnectSecure via Tectia Manager:

  1. Select Software → Tectia ConnectSecure.

  2. Click the Install button.

  3. It is possible to install the Tectia software per host group in any of the views. Installation will be done in the target group and in all of the machines in the subgroups under it. The applicable installation package will be selected automatically according to host type and operating system.

    1. Select the Host group where you wish to install Tectia ConnectSecure.

    2. Select the Software version to be installed. See Figure 10.2.

      Installing Tectia ConnectSecure

      Figure 10.2. Installing Tectia ConnectSecure

    3. (Windows only) If you want to prevent Windows hosts from restarting after installation, under Restart host, select No.

      Restart is required when the FTP-SFTP conversion and transparent tunneling components are installed.


      You should prevent the restart only when you plan to restart the host(s) manually later, otherwise the system is left in an unstable state. If a host is not restarted, an install lock is set by the Management Agent, preventing any further Tectia installations or uninstallations until the host has been restarted.

    4. Click Install to start.

  4. The Optional Components view is shown, allowing you to select the components to install. The components are as follows:

    • sshg3 command-line client: Install the sshg3 command-line tool.

    • Command-line file transfer tools (Windows): Install the scpg3 and sftpg3 command-line tools on Windows. The tools are always installed on Unix.

    • FTP-SFTP conversion and Transparent TCP+FTP tunneling (Windows): Install the Tectia Capture component that enables FTP-SFTP conversion and Transparent TCP and FTP tunneling on Windows.

    • FTP-SFTP conversion and Transparent FTP tunneling (Unix): Install the Tectia Capture component that enables FTP-SFTP conversion and transparent FTP tunneling on Unix.

    • Graphical client (Windows): Install the Tectia terminal and file transfer GUI clients on Windows.

    • Tectia SDK: Install the Tectia secure file transfer software development kit (SDK). Different SDKs are available for Windows and Unix platforms.

    Click OK to continue.

  5. A list of hosts in the selected host group is shown, and you can exclude individual hosts from the installation job.

    Click Yes to confirm the installation.




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