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SSH Tectia

Restoring a Backup


Note that the Management Server must not be running when a restore is performed.

You can restore a backup version with command-line tool ssh-mgmt-backup that is located in <server-root>/server/sbin (by default /opt/ssh-mgmt/server/sbin).

The command syntax is:

ssh-mgmt-restore [options] <archive>


archive is the path to the backup archive

Options available:

-r, --root=DIR

The root directory of the hierarchy where the Management Server is restored. Default: /

-C, --no-checksum

Backup archive checksums are not verified. Default: checksums are verified.

-I, --show-metadata

Show backup archive metadata and exit. Default: perform restore.

-y, --assume-yes

Assume answer yes to all interactive questions. Default: prompt user.

Example commands:

ssh-mgmt-restore ssh-mgmt-backup-200501011200.mbk

Restores the Management Server configuration data and Management Database to the state that they were in when the backup archive ssh-mgmt-backup-200501011200.mbk was created.

ssh-mgmt-restore -r /tmp/ssh-mgmt-test -C -y ssh-mgmt-backup-test.mbk

Restores the Management Server configuration data and Management Database into the hierarchy rooted at /tmp/ssh-mgmt-test, not verifying backup archive integrity and assuming a yes answer to potential interactive questions.

ssh-mgmt-restore -I ssh-mgmt-backup.mbk

Outputs metadata of backup archive ssh-mgmt-backup.mbk and exits without performing any further operations.