Installation Packages

The installation packages of Tectia ConnectSecure are compressed into installation bundles. There are two bundles for each supported operating system, the commercial version (-comm) and the upgrade and evaluation version (-upgrd-eval). The evaluation versions can be used as upgrade packages, if you already have a suitable license.

Select the relevant Tectia ConnectSecure bundle:

<version> indicates the product release and the current build number (for example

Inside the installation bundles are the actual installation packages for Tectia ConnectSecure. Select the packages to install according to which product features are relevant in your environment.

On Unix platforms (including Linux), Tectia ConnectSecure comes in six installation packages (<OS> indicates the operating system details):

On Windows, ssh-tectia-connectsecure-<version>-windows-<platform>.msi (<platform> shows the platform architecture: x86 for 32-bit and x86_64 for 64-bit Windows versions) includes all Tectia ConnectSecure software and the optional components including the sshg3.exe program, the FTP-SFTP conversion, and the SDK. The installed components can be selected during the installation phase.