Configuring Tectia ConnectSecure

Tectia ConnectSecure includes a default configuration that can get you started. To tailor the Tectia ConnectSecure behaviour according to the needs of your environment, you can edit the existing configuration.

A component called Connection Broker handles all cryptographic operations and authentication-related tasks for SSH operations of Tectia ConnectSecure, so all the related settings are made in the Connection Broker configuration.

On Linux and Windows, Tectia ConnectSecure provides a graphical user interface for handling the Connection Broker configuration. On other platforms, the configuration can be edited directly in the configuration file (in XML format). The Connection Broker settings can be edited using the Tectia Connections Configuration GUI that is available behind the icon in the Status bar and in the Tectia SSH Terminal GUI.

On Windows, you can - optionally - modify the layout, colors and behaviour of the Tectia SSH Terminal GUI and Tectia Secure File Transfer GUI according to your taste with the User Interface Settings tool (available behind the icon in the tool bar of Tectia SSH Terminal GUI). For instructions on configuring the user interface layout, see Appendix B.


In case Tectia Manager is applied to manage the SSH environment, you will see a note about it at the beginning of the configuration file, and some options will be disabled from the Tectia Connections Configuration GUI. Check with your IT administrator, if local configuration edits are allowed in Tectia ConnectSecure.

The Tectia Manager administrators are responsible for creating and deploying a configuration for Tectia ConnectSecure so that it will comply with the company security policies. They will see if the Tectia ConnectSecure configuration has been modified locally, and they have the power to override local changes.