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Energy Security (NERC CIP Standard) Can Be Undermined by Uncontrolled SSH Key Based Access to IT Systems


XXX What is NERC

XXX What is NERC, link to the standards at


XXX link to (high-authority site)

Summary of NERC CIP Requirements for IT Security

XXX Summarize rules and their categories

XXX talk about power grid and scada

XXX go deeper into identity & access management, link to SSH, SSH keys, SSH key management

XXX talk about privileged access control, link to cryptoauditor and its use cases (3rd party access etc)

Systemic Risks around SSH Keys

XXX talk about possible nationwide cyberwarfare / cyberterrorism activity using SSH keys to take down electric grid, power stations, refineries, logistics

XXX discuss FERC should take action, maybe refer to Reliability requirements (18 C.F.R. §1b ???)

US Government Requirements Around SSH Keys

XXX summarize key requirements from NIST 800-53 & NIST IR 7966 (maybe also cybersecurity framework)

XXX talk about


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