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SSH Communications offers a variety of certifications for operation of our products and services around SSH such as managing of SSH key remediation projects.

The following certification programs are available.

Universal SSH Key Manager Administrator certification

A certified SSH Key Manager administrator is able to perform the following in regards to Universal SSH Key Manager & User Portal: - Deploy & configure the product including DR and HA configurations - Has a good understanding of the architecture and solution components - Is able to perform host discovery using agent, agentless and offline-script methods - Is able to perform SSH key remediation actions inline with customer's workflows and processes - Is able to configure SSH policies and reports, and fluent in the the Web administration and command line interfaces of the product - Has basic understanding of the SSH Secure Shell protocol and common use cases of SSH

Certified Universal SSH Key Manager administrators

The following persons have been certified as Universal SSH Key Manager adminstrators by SSH Communications Security:

NameCertification date
Anandan, Dinesh2016-12-05
Navaz, Sarfaraz2016-12-05
Patle, Raju2016-12-05
Payala Rahul2016-12-05
Shanmugam, Arun2016-12-05
Thomas, Binoy2016-12-05


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