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SSH Communications Security

SSH Communications Security Corp (NASDAQ OMX Nordic: SSH1V) is the leading provider of enterprise cybersecurity solutions for securing access to servers and the cloud. Our technology is used in over 90% of all data centers in the world.

Bridging the Access Security Gap

We help our customers secure their business processes and access to their data. Our access management solutions save a typical Fortune 500 customer an average of $1 to $3 million per year in costs while reducing the risk of serious data breaches, outages, and business disruption.

Our solutions manage user credentials and access to information systems. We offer a revolutionary approach to securing access to cloud servers and data that is simpler, more robust, and much more cost-effective than any prior solution. Our SSH key management solutions are trusted by the largest financial organizations in the world.

We help customers reduce their risk and streamline their business operations. We give them vibility and auditability into what happens with their systems and data.

Our business is driven by customers' need for security in the digital age where all business is data-driven and relies on computers and networks. Widespread data breaches, ransomware attacks, and cybersecurity regulations established by governments and industry groups push customers to take immediate action.

History of SSH Communications Security

SSH Communications Security was founded in 1995 by Tatu Ylonen. He had developed a revolutionary security software package called SSH, which still today enables secure use of computers in remote data centers. He started the company to provide commercial support for the software and to develop other cybersecurity solutions.

The company grew to 190 people and $20m in sales by 2000 and went public on NASDAQ OMX Nordic. The company started its US operations in 1998 and has done most of its business in the US since then.

In the early years, the company derived most of its revenue from technology licensing with customers such as Sun Microsystems, Lucent, Compaq, Intel, Juniper, Nokia, Ericsson, NEC, and a hundred other telecommunications, networking, and cybersecurity vendors.

From 2003, the company has focused on helping enterprise customers. Its customers include many of the largest global banks, 40% of the Fortune 500, Walmart, and many others.