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Aug 18 2014

Black Blob of Death Threatens Data Center Security

Researchers at SSH Communications Security recently uncovered a serious security vulnerability that impacts data centers in the vast majority of banks and financial institutions. Okay, so admittedly, it almost sounds like a story from The Onion or some made up news by a bored blogger. But this really isn’t a satirical post about the over-hyping of security issues or fake news. The Black Blob of Death is…

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Jul 3 2014

Backdoor SSH Root Key Snafus Much More Common Than You Think

It appears as though a hard-wired Secure Shell private key has created a bit of a kerfuffle for folks running Cisco's VoIP manager This one made it in the headlines but because the affected system was identified and limited in scope to a single product line, remediation steps can be quickly undertaken and the impact minimized. Now imagine if an entire data center had unknown or misplaced private keys floating about. Well, it is more common than you think and the risks are far greater because it’s not just a single product that has the issue, every server in your environment has the…

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Mar 17 2014

Key Based Trust from a Process-Driven Goalkeeper's Perspective

Like for any goalkeeper, the worse thing - other than a torn ACL - is getting scored on. During my playing days, I was obsessed with the concept of how to organize my defense in a way to minimize goals against as well as minimize opportunities of my opponents. My teammates used to joke and wonder how I played at the level I did. I was not particularly fast or strong, did not have particularly great hands and was not super athletic in any way. But I was quite good at programming my defense and midfield to run a repeatable process to make it very difficult for opponents to penetrate. Unlike soccer, where you are most likely going to get scored on at some point, businesses must keep a zero goals against average for their entire…

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