Public Sector

EU Public Sector

European government agencies face serious threats from state sponsored attackers, criminal organizations and malicious insiders.

In a world of ever growing nation-state cyber-warfare capabilities and other criminal organizations, European government agencies need to protect their data through ubiquitous encryption and harden that infrastructure with comprehensive access controls and continuous monitoring of the environment. As a European headquartered company, SSH Communications Security has a deep understanding of many of the issues European governments face when trying to ensure privacy and protect their sensitive information.

Encrypt, Control and Monitor

Secure Shell technology is the gold standard for data-in-transit encryption and is widely deployed in organizations around the world. Secure Shell is the preferred method for organizations serious about both protecting their data in transit and access to critical information assets. But encryption alone is not enough.

BE IN CONTROL OVER WHO HAS ACCESS TO WHAT. A best practice in security is control over who has access to what information based on a least privilege model. Unfortunately, many organizations do not properly managed access to their Secure Shell environment and that lack of control is creating a real risk. To reduce this risk, European governments agencies need to implement a full-lifecycle key management solution for the Secure Shell infrastructure. Doing so enables your security teams to centrally control Secure Shell key deployment, rotation and removal as well as continuously monitor the environment for any rogue keys.

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MONITOR AND ENFORCE POLICY IN ENCRYPTED NETWORKS. For most organizations encrypted networks are a major blind spot that makes it difficult to monitor Secure Shell, SFTP and RDP traffic. This lack of visibility makes it hard for security operations to detect and respond to a potential exploit and much harder for forensics teams to do their job. In addition, the lack of continuous monitoring allows privileged identities to create back doors around your firewalls and allows attackers to cloak their actions.

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HARDEN YOUR ENVIRONMENT TO PROTECT AGAINST ADVANCED PERSISTENT THREATS (APT'S). APTs pose a major security risk to European government agencies. Whether the attacker is nation-state sponsored or a criminal organization their goal is to do what ever it takes to get your sensitive information – and yes they are specifically targeting you. Encrypted networks typically grant access to an organization’s most sensitive information. In addition, attackers know that Secure Shell keys are often not controlled and that encrypted channels are usually not monitored. That is why many attackers are targeting your encrypted networks.

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