Securing Automated Communciations

Large scale manufacturing is driven by complex, global supply chains. The processes that make this possible require secure, automated movement of information within the organization and with supply chain partners. SSH Communications Security has helped some of the world’s largest manufacturers meet the challenge of secure, automated communications.

Security and Efficiency Go Hand in Hand

Secure Shell provides an ideal platform for enabling efficient and secure machine to machine communication. It is lightweight, available on virtually all computing platforms and can transfer large amounts of information quickly. Solutions from SSH Communications Security can bring confidentiality and integrity to older, unsecured manufacturing applications and make it easy for developers to provide encryption security to new applications.

Manufacturing Concerns

  • Secure legacy applications Ensure your legacy applications are not still transferring sensitive information in the clear. Encrypt the communications without application rewrites, job entry changes or new operating procedures.
  • Secure Automation In the data center, automation drives efficiency. If you use Secure Shell to enable automated, machine to machine processes, manage them securely with Universal SSH Key Manager.
  • Protect Intellectual Property More than ever, proprietary design and manufacturing process specifications provide a critical competitive edge. These are your crown jewels and it is vital for the health of your business that they do not get into the hands of competitors. At the same time, you have a business to run. Systems administrators, developers, contractors and supply chain partners must be given access to your data. Make sure you have proper controls, accountability and audit of these functions. CryptoAuditor protects operations from insider threats and prevents external attackers from misusing privileged accounts.
  • Best Security Practices Let the Secure Shell experts from SSH Communications Security help you design and implement a solution for greater security and efficiency into your manufacturing operation.