Securing Information in the Health Industry

Healthcare organizations need to share patient record information with hospitals, doctors and insurance providers. At the same time strict mandates require these records are kept secure. SSH Communications Security helps providers solve the challenge of sharing information efficiently and securely.

The HIPAA Challenge

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) can improve efficiency, effectiveness and outcomes of health care delivery. However, EMR are a target of information theft and HIPAA requires that they are kept secure. Secure Shell provides an excellent foundation for securing access to patient records as well as secure transit of those records.

SSH Communications Security helps you deploy and manage the Secure Shell environment to meet the security and compliance requirements mandated by HIPAA.

Healthcare Organization Concerns

  • Data in Transit protection. Securely move EMR within your network and to your delivery partners with Tectia SSH file transfer solutions.
  • Secure Operations. As health care becomes more and more data intensive, securing data center operations becomes paramount. If you use Secure Shell for systems administration and/or machine to machine processes, you need to manage that environment.
  • Insider Threat Protection. Your business depends on the systems administrators, developers, contractors and external partners who keep operations running smoothly and bring new capabilities online. Make sure you have proper controls, accountability and audit over their activities. CryptoAuditor protects against both direct insider threats and against external attackers that gain privileged access.
  • Best Security Practices. Let the Secure Shell experts from SSH Communications Security help you design and implement a solution to help you meet requirements from HIPAA, PCI DSS, NIST and others.